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Standardizing MPEG-DASH Streaming with EBU & DASH-IF

Overview: Eutelsat, a global satellite provider, aimed to harness the power of satellites for enhanced video distribution. With Motion Spell's expertise, they successfully implemented a SAT>IP gateway for embedded devices (such as set-top boxes) and player (for desktop and mobile), revolutionizing their service offerings.

Details: Facing the ever-increasing demand for video, Eutelsat’s management team sought innovative solutions. Motion Spell, leveraging GPAC's hybrid broadcast-broadband capabilities, together with the company responsible for Eutelsat’s user interfaces, developed a SAT>IP gateway and mobile player tailored to Eutelsat's needs. This solution enabled Eutelsat to deploy intricate hybrid services, integrating smart caching mechanisms and ensuring a seamless user experience at optimal costs.

Working with Motion Spell

Motion Spell’s work with the DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF) and EBU was centered around the development of the first DASH profiles in GPAC. Motion Spell's expertise ensured that these profiles were robust and aligned with industry standards.

GPAC Licensing : Commercial arm of GPAC

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