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DASH-IF Conformance Tool

Revamping Conformance Tools with JCCP

Overview: The DASH-IF Test and Conformance Working Group assigned the refactoring of the DASH-IF Conformance Software to a consortium led by Motion Spell, in association with Fraunhofer FOKUS and under the project name: JCCP. This project involved many important industry partners: ATSC, CTA-WAVE, DVB, DASH-IF, HbbTV.

Details: By the end of 2020, the DASH conformance tool, a popular open-source conformance tool created by DASH-IF was implementing eight combined standards. It was processing 200 requests per day from over 1000 unique visitors per year. As a result the service started to become unreliable, regressions were spotted, and adding new features became increasingly costly. With increasing demand, the tool faced challenges in reliability and scalability.

Working with Motion Spell

Motion Spell's collaboration with the DASH-IF Test and Conformance Working Group was pivotal in the refactoring of the DASH-IF Conformance Software. At the end of the JCCP project, the DASH-IF Conformance Software became:

  • Easier to use: with the number of requests up from 15% year on year.
  • Easier to contribute to: The project started to receive new independent contributions.
  • Easier to monitor
  • Safer

During the refactoring some important architectural issues were identified. In 2023 we started to solve them. One example is the behavior of the tool when errors occur. It used to give up prematurely whereas now it can continue its execution and provide more complete reports.

Our expertise ensured that the software was robust, reliable, and aligned with industry standards. This collaboration showcased the unique ability of Motion Spell to deal with complex software involving many media standards. The partnership underscores Motion Spell's commitment to enhancing interoperability and conformance in the industry.

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