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Real-time Operations Excellence with Cisco

Overview: Cisco Systems, Inc. a global leader in networking technology, in response to the widespread phasing out of Flash technology in web browsers, initiated a project to develop a low-latency MPEG-DASH alternative. To achieve this, they engaged Motion Spell, tasking them with the creation and implementation of the solution.

Details: Cisco, managing a vast array of video streams from diverse sources such as security cameras, traditionally utilized software compatible with Flash Player for stream handling and playback across various devices. However, due to security concerns leading to the deactivation of Flash technology, the need for an alternative solution became increasingly critical. This led Cisco to explore the potential of low latency MPEG-DASH technology.

Working with Motion Spell

After several unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable replacement for RTMP and RTSP streams, Cisco approached Motion Spell for assistance and potential licensing if the solution proved viable. Motion Spell quickly set up a demonstrator, showcasing GPAC's adaptability, robustness, and reliability for real-time operations.

Following a three-month evaluation period, Cisco acquired a license for the technology. They embarked on a phased implementation across web browsers and their various video management platforms. The transition to new protocols and the integration with a range of input sources, such as cameras, necessitated bespoke architectural solutions, which were developed in close collaboration with Motion Spell to meet Cisco's specific requirements.

GPAC Licensing : Commercial arm of GPAC