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AWS Elemental

Pioneering 4K Streaming with AWS Elemental

Overview: AWS Elemental, an Amazon subsidiary, aimed to be the first to showcase an encoder capable of supporting HEVC 4K 10 bits 60 fps streams.

Details: The challenge was clear: support HEVC 4K streams at unprecedented quality levels. AWS Elemental, with Motion Spell's assistance, leveraged the GPAC player to achieve this feat. This collaboration not only resulted in the development of benchmarking features within GPAC but also introduced software acceleration for color space conversion, ensuring AWS Elemental's position as an industry leader.

Working with Motion Spell

Motion Spell showcased the capabilities of the GPAC player in supporting advanced video streams. Our joint efforts led to the successful demonstration of HEVC 4K 10 bits 60 fps streams at NAB 2014, marking a significant milestone in the industry. Motion Spell's contributions extended beyond demonstrations, enhancing GPAC's benchmarking features and optimizing software acceleration for various tasks.

GPAC Licensing : Commercial arm of GPAC