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Boosting Video Upload Efficiency with GPAC

Overview: Akamai, a global leader in content delivery, sought to consolidate its position in deploying MPEG-DASH. With Motion Spell's expertise, Akamai not only enhanced its deployment capabilities but also set industry standards for CDN deployments.

Details: Akamai's vision was clear: to remain at the forefront of MPEG-DASH deployment. To achieve this, they turned to Motion Spell, leveraging their expertise as a principal architect of GPAC. This collaboration resulted in pivotal additions to GPAC, enabling Akamai's customers to deploy MPEG-DASH seamlessly. The partnership's success was further showcased through numerous trade show demonstrations, highlighting ultra-low latency using Akamai's CDN network.

Working with Motion Spell

Motion Spell's work with Akamai Technologies, a prominent provider of CDN and cloud services, and a leader in deploying MPEG-DASH, has been instrumental in consolidating Akamai's position in the industry. With Motion Spell's support, Akamai has continued to set industry standards in CDN deployments.

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