June 03, 2022 by Romain Bouqueau

Thriving open-source ecosystems: the DVB OSMART workshop

Last month our CEO (and open-source developer) Romain Bouqueau gave a presentation about open-source in the streaming media industry. This was part of the DVB-OSMART workshop.

The workshop was focused on describing some important projects launched by some important organizations (5G-MAG, DVB, DASH-IF, HbbTV, CTA-WAVE). The goal was to see how to create synergies.

Motion Spell presented the advances on the JCCP project. JCCP is a joint engineering effort led my Motion Spell to re-engineer the DASH Conformance Tool. After a lengthy evaluation phase and a call for proposals, Motion Spell, who had decided to partner with Fraunhofer Fokus, won the all the work packages. The presentation gives some context and progress on how this successful tool is being improved.

This was a very interesting workshop with next to a hundred attendees. In retrospect, when including the different comments that arose during and after the workshop, I think there was a lack of time to cover the important subject of communities. Most of these open-source projects exist because of an industry need, which is important and necessary. How history shows that most of them will die when the sponsorship disappears. When the technology is successful this is counter-productive ; these reference tools then fail to support their initial goal: supporting the deployment of these technologies.

Links to Motion Spell's slides on the JCCP project.

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