April 13, 2024 by Marketing

Is GPAC a Better Open Source Choice Than Bento4 and Shaka Packager?

Curious about the different open source video packaging tools that are out there? At Motion Spell, we’re passionate about innovation and efficiency in the streaming media space. That's why we've worked with GPAC to put together an insightful comparison of open source packaging tools that is likely going to be helpful to you.

'Video Packaging Tools: Why GPAC is a Better Open Source Choice than Bento4 & Shaka Packager. Part 1”' is the new GPAC guide for professionals that will help you understand how to deploy a new generation of audience experiences that captivate and inspire.

This guide not only serves as an essential resource but also sets the stage for what we are discussing in-depth at the 2024 NAB Show.​

The guide also introduces the new GPAC Web Assembly (WASM) Platform — an innovative experimental interface that demonstrates GPAC's capabilities in pushing multimedia boundaries.

At NAB, GPAC will be present on the FFmpeg stand in the West Hall, W4232 for the duration of NAB. If you're keen on discussing the future of open-source video packaging or exploring GPAC's capabilities further, don't hesitate to contact us for a meeting.

Curious to see how GPAC open source can elevate your projects? Grab your free guide and be part of the conversation that's shaping the future of streaming.

Get it now.

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